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Between Cover by Nick Deligaris :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 2 3 Temporal Contingency Cover by Nick Deligaris :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 4 0 Nita by Rowan Woodcock :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 3 2 Ivy's New Dress (by Rowan Woodcock) :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 8 10 The D'Karon Apprentice Cover Art by Nick Deligaris :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 14 5 The Book of Deacon Anthology by Nick Deligaris :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 6 3 Mark of the Chosen Original :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 2 0 Skykeep by Nick Deligaris :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 2 3 The Chosen by Deligaris :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 22 5 Lain and Myn by AmandaDaHamster :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 12 9 Artificial Evolution Cover by Nick Deligaris :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 1 2 Ivy Sketch 1 :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 7 5 Ivy Sketch 2 :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 4 1
Between 2
Philo scratched his head as he looked out the door of his capsule. If he'd sat down and made a list of the things he imagined he might have found when he opened the door, "blank space" probably wouldn't have been one of the things at the top of the list… although technically it would have already been on the list before he started, so it would have been at the very top and he would have been less correct with each guess. Lesson learned? Don't bother guessing.
Once he got over the strangeness of discovering that there was nothing to discover, he started to note some of the other unusual things. Despite the endless field of white that surrounded his capsule, there didn't actually seem to be any light. When he put his hand outside he could see it clearly, when he pulled it inside it was in shadow. The light stopped at the door, like it was afraid to come inside.
"I've discovered shy light," he remarked, jutting his hand in and out a few times. He stuck his head out and looked down.
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A Moment without Remorse :iconjrlallo:jrlallo 0 2
Between Part 1
Philo opened his eyes. Everything around him was dark and still. He spent a few seconds trying to figure out if that was good or bad. Darkness and stillness aren't the worst things to wake up to, all things considered. Fire and screaming, for instance, would have been much worse. However, since he couldn't remember what he had been doing before he fell asleep, it was distinctly possible that darkness and silence were bad. He chose to be cautiously optimistic, at least until he remembered a few more details. Nothing major, just little things like where he was and his last name.
"Okay," he said out loud, noting that he was able to speak and breathe--two more things to add to the "good" column. The sound of his voice had a muted, close quality to it, as though he was in the center of a very small space. "I am sitting in a chair." He tried to stand, unsuccessfully. "Strapped. I am strapped in a chair. And I can't see anything. Either it's completely dark, or I'm blind. I'm going to hope it
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Lain - The Spellbreaker - Rise of the Red Shadow 2 :iconfiel7d:fiel7d 3 0 Lain - Wailing Sword - Rise of the Red Shadow 2 :iconfiel7d:fiel7d 2 0 Nita :iconviistar:VIIStar 98 14 Gazing Myranda :icong-manbg:G-manbg 85 5 Lain meeting his Father :iconzkoyllar:zkoyllar 4 4 Book of Deacon World Map :icondraconicworlds:DraconicWorlds 1 0 Lain Clothing :iconfiel7d:fiel7d 9 2 free wrench :iconfablepaint:FablePaint 180 6 Patreon: Keeper of the Book :iconrobo-shark:Robo-Shark 12 3 Commission : Halfax :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 319 0 PATREON Rill's Sock Puppet :iconrobo-shark:Robo-Shark 34 3 Commissionexamplesaugust :iconfablepaint:FablePaint 251 7 PATREON The Overseer :iconrobo-shark:Robo-Shark 12 3 The malthrope :iconcrittercrafts:CritterCrafts 2 1


Between Cover by Nick Deligaris
This is the cover for my upcoming novel release of "Between." The art, as always, is by :icondeligaris:

I hope to releasing this story on November 10th, and an unedited version of the first section of the book is available on Wattpad.

A few hours ago I was thinking about books and artwork, on a lark I wrote a quick Facebook post asking if anyone had any requests or ideas for book art. I got a few, most of which I hadn't considered. A lot of them are ideas best left to people who have read the books, so I had an idea. Let's call it a "Fan Art Bounty."

Below you'll find a list of suggestions people made. If you're an artist and you'd like to give one of these ideas a try, comment or message me and we can discuss a commission. If you know an artist who specializes in this sort of thing, let me know and I'll reach out. And you'd just like to draw one of these things and send them to me, well that's fine, too.


  • One of the many weapons from the Book of Deacon series: Myranda's staff, any of Desmeres' many creations.
  • Ivy's many emotional states, which include happiness, fear, anger, hate, and duty.
  • The D'Karon generals: Bagu, Demont, Teht, Epidime
  • Trigorah
  • Myranda and Deacon fighting Epidime
  • Baby Lain

Now, some fans, or some artists, may look at that list and feel that some of them feel familiar. Well, that's because a few of those things have indeed made an appearance in the fan art area, so to give you an idea of what people had in mind, here's a little gallery of past examples of some of these, to inspire and entertain.

Teht by ArieieTheWatcher Teht by ArieieTheWatcher Myranda's Staff - First sketch by Immortal-Physicist The Young Malthrope by ArieieTheWatcher Trigorah and Myranda by ArieieTheWatcher


Joseph Lallo
United States
My day job is as an Engineer and IT specialist. In every other scrap of spare time I am a writer, including the Book of Deacon series, and a game reviewer for


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pearwood Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
A blessed birthday, Joseph.
jrlallo Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
Nod-Shadow-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
(I apologise for if this appears long and winded, but I could find no way of shortening my excitement of sending the creator of The Red Shadow this message.^^;)

Your Book of Deacon series are some of my most favourite literacy novals to read -specifically The Red Shadow- with Ivy being my favourite character.

Your stories are written with a skill and wording that are uncommon within the world of artistic literacy. They are both a great inspiration and influence upon some of my own work, still unfinished and unpublished. I hope that someday I could attain the same level of success that you have gained, and when asked about it, I'll be able to reflect upon the times I have enjoyed reading your work, being able to say wholeheartedly that it was thanks to you that I have found the spark of inspiration and imagination.

In short, thank you for all your hard work in making these fine works of fiction. :)
jrlallo Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed my stories. Ivy is one of the most popular characters I've written (behind, perhaps, Myn). It is profoundly gratifying to know that my writing has influenced yours, and I wish you great success when you finish your story. If you want any advice on how to navigate self-publishing (if that's how you choose to proceed) then feel free to ask some questions. And thanks for reading!
Hello again.

So I just finished reading "The Battle of Verril." this morning, and I was really surprised by the ending.

The story was extremely well told and the ending was brilliant, but I was rather saddened that Lain had died though, but the part about the soldiers saying that Desmeres' weapons had begun disappearing afterwards gave me at least a bit of hope that he was still around somewhere, continuing his cloak and dagger work as always.

But that's just a side thought on the matter. What really caught my attention and why I'm writing this now, is to ask; What happened to Ivy?

After all, she is now -or was- the last remaining Malthrope left alive after Lain died, and as such there whole race was now effectively extinct again. And I can't help but think that the last we see of her, is as "a happy drunk" before flying off with Myn, which might be seen -if you would excuse me for saying so- as a bit of a bad way of saying farewell to this amazing character forever. -especially after doing some research and finding that this was the last we see of them and there kind beyond previous novels-

I was hoping that, if it wasn't wrong of me to suggest or too much to ask or hope for, if there could be story about Ivy's life, perhaps before "Kenvard" and after "The Battle of Verril"? I believe that this could hold some form of potential for you, since we also don't know how exactly Deacon's bag had contained all those odd items, including the note that said he would know later -I'm guessing time travel or a tear in the fabric of time- or what exactly had happened to Epideme, and since Bagu had somehow escaped the blast of the portal -not to mention being able to shield himself against it- before Lain had slain him, couldn't Epideme himself have survived either, as the specter that he was?

Also, we've all seen what happens to Ivy when she experiences different emotions; fear, anger, happiness, duty and especially hate. But what we haven't seen from her yet, the most sacred and cherished of all emotions, was love. And I mean true love, like that which you share between you and your other half, forever and beyond. It saddens me to know that this truly amazing creature hadn't been able to know this feeling in the short time that we knew her. Wouldn't it be fair to have tale where she somehow finds love and whatever magical effect it might have on her, and in that way continue the legacy of the Malthropes into the next generation?

(Again, sorry for having written this so long, but there was so much for me to say and ask all at once. I also apologize if, in someway, I had been out of line in asking for you to add another book to your sage, as it is your decision to make and not mine. Thank you for reading.)
jrlallo Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Hi! I'm happy you finished the third book, and sorry that you were saddened by the ending. I've got a bit of good news for you, though. The story HAS continued since then. Check your favorite bookstore for "The D'Karon Apprentice." It is another adventure, starting a few months after The Battle of Verril, and Ivy does have a role. I'll also be writing another book to follow it, hopefully this year, and I've got notes for a sequel to The Rise of the Red Shadow, Lain's standalone prequel. I've also got the beginnings of a spinoff of The Rise of the Red Shadow following a small group of malthropes.

Interestingly, several years ago I asked fans which single character they would like to see a standalone story about. Lain won, and thus The Rise of the Red Shadow was written. Ivy was the second most popular choice back then. But for a few votes, she might well have been the primary star of the first full sequel to the Book of Deacon.

Anyway, I just wanted to assure you that Ivy's story is continuing, along with the rest of the chosen. Thanks for the message, and for your interest in the story! And feel free to comment again if you have further thoughts.
(1 Reply)
Nod-Shadow-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Thank you, it's truly an honour to hear you say that, technically speaking.

I am having trouble with naming them, though. I already have one trilogy all planned out, with two more behind that one, but I simply cannot decide on how or what to name them appropriately. Any advice?
jrlallo Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
I've actually struggled with titles as well, and I've frequently made mistakes in that regard.

For the series title, it's usually a good idea to name it after your setting or the overarching conflict of the series (naming it after a kingdom or war, for example).

For a book, it is usually smart to name it for the driving force of that book. Lord of the Rings had "Return of the King" or "The Two Towers". I had "The Rise of the Red Shadow" or "The Battle of Verril." Naming it after a major, game-changing event or goal specific to that book, ideally without spoiling the outcome or reason, is normally a safe bet. I hope that helps.
(1 Reply)
N30N-T3CH Featured By Owner May 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your books are amazing! I am hooked! I just started reading Book of Deacon, and I cant put it down!
jrlallo Featured By Owner May 9, 2016
Thanks! I'm glad you like them. I hope you enjoy the whole story!
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