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A few hours ago I was thinking about books and artwork, on a lark I wrote a quick Facebook post asking if anyone had any requests or ideas for book art. I got a few, most of which I hadn't considered. A lot of them are ideas best left to people who have read the books, so I had an idea. Let's call it a "Fan Art Bounty."

Below you'll find a list of suggestions people made. If you're an artist and you'd like to give one of these ideas a try, comment or message me and we can discuss a commission. If you know an artist who specializes in this sort of thing, let me know and I'll reach out. And you'd just like to draw one of these things and send them to me, well that's fine, too.


  • One of the many weapons from the Book of Deacon series: Myranda's staff, any of Desmeres' many creations.
  • Ivy's many emotional states, which include happiness, fear, anger, hate, and duty.
  • The D'Karon generals: Bagu, Demont, Teht, Epidime
  • Trigorah
  • Myranda and Deacon fighting Epidime
  • Baby Lain

Now, some fans, or some artists, may look at that list and feel that some of them feel familiar. Well, that's because a few of those things have indeed made an appearance in the fan art area, so to give you an idea of what people had in mind, here's a little gallery of past examples of some of these, to inspire and entertain.

Teht by ArieieTheWatcher Teht by ArieieTheWatcher Myranda's Staff - First sketch by Immortal-Physicist The Young Malthrope by ArieieTheWatcher Trigorah and Myranda by ArieieTheWatcher

It's time for one of my very rare journal updates. Today my latest novel, The Rise of the Red Shadow, releases in all major ebookstores. I've had a lot of great artwork done for it already, and I'm anxious to see what fans will come up with in the days and weeks ahead. Below are some official and unofficial pieces of art for the story:

You fan find The Rise of the Red Shadow official announcement on my webpage, and if you're a fan of fantasy in general or The Book of Deacon in particular, I hope you'll give it a try.
Hello, DA watchers.
I don't usually do journal entries here, but since what I've got to say right now is almost entirely art related, this seemed like a good place to mention it as well. In response to a recent comment on the Facebook fan page, I've been looking into the feasibility of having a poster for the Book of Deacon series made. For things of this nature, I typically favor Print On Demand. It is more expensive, but since I don't really have room for inventory or time for shipping, it is the best match for me. The issue is that for a full size, full color poster on good paper, POD costs dozens of times what an offset printing costs. So I'm going to try to do this the way the big shots do. But if I'm going to give it a try, I want to make sure I'm making something the fans want. Thus, there is going to be a series of polls to narrow down what poster should be made, and how it should look.

So far the decision has been made (not surprisingly) that commissioned artwork should be on the poster. The current poll is WHICH art should be there. My suggestions are The Book of Deacon (Book 1) cover, the Jade cover, or the recent Myn sketch. The poll over on the fan page has the option to add and vote for your own favorites, too. Rather than forcing you to go over and vote there, though, feel free to reply with a comment containing your opinion.
Thanks for reading.