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A few hours ago I was thinking about books and artwork, on a lark I wrote a quick Facebook post asking if anyone had any requests or ideas for book art. I got a few, most of which I hadn't considered. A lot of them are ideas best left to people who have read the books, so I had an idea. Let's call it a "Fan Art Bounty."

Below you'll find a list of suggestions people made. If you're an artist and you'd like to give one of these ideas a try, comment or message me and we can discuss a commission. If you know an artist who specializes in this sort of thing, let me know and I'll reach out. And you'd just like to draw one of these things and send them to me, well that's fine, too.


  • One of the many weapons from the Book of Deacon series: Myranda's staff, any of Desmeres' many creations.
  • Ivy's many emotional states, which include happiness, fear, anger, hate, and duty.
  • The D'Karon generals: Bagu, Demont, Teht, Epidime
  • Trigorah
  • Myranda and Deacon fighting Epidime
  • Baby Lain

Now, some fans, or some artists, may look at that list and feel that some of them feel familiar. Well, that's because a few of those things have indeed made an appearance in the fan art area, so to give you an idea of what people had in mind, here's a little gallery of past examples of some of these, to inspire and entertain.

Teht by ArieieTheWatcher Teht by ArieieTheWatcher Myranda's Staff - First sketch by Immortal-Physicist The Young Malthrope by ArieieTheWatcher Trigorah and Myranda by ArieieTheWatcher

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